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Ciera Lewis, MA

My Services Offered

I work with a diverse group of clients through various services. Within the scope of therapy, I work with individuals, couples, and families to help my clients overcome the obstacles they are facing. I provide therapy in two different settings. The first being in my office, and the second falls under my concierge services. Some of the benefits to the concierge service are priority scheduling, extended hour, and a private location of your choosing.

I also provide my therapy services by means of a group setting. I create groups in which people dealing with similar symptoms can discuss their shared stories and progress together. I also offer workshops in professional development that are aimed to create a proactive relationship within the work setting for employers, employees, and the organization as a whole. Similarly, I provide help with employee and corporate wellness in ensuring that the employees feel taken care of and content with their job.

What it is like being in session with me

I see you as more than a diagnosis. I provide a holistic focus on your individual physical, emotional, and family health. Not every therapist looks at the whole picture. I assess the entire person, not just their clinical diagnosis. This applies to all my services, as well.

Creating and maintaining our professional career can be a frustrating and overwhelming journey; but, once again, these feelings do not define the type of person that you are. I see you for who you are and meet you there. Through my concierge service, I understand that you have other priorities, and coming to an office or sitting in traffic can be can undesirable. Your life is specific to you, and certain requirements in a normal therapy office can be difficult to manage. I strive to create an environment that is meant for you and your needs.

Treatment/Approach modality

I have a very system-focused approach. I look at you within the context of your system. This includes how you interact differently or the same in various places and with various people. Your system is everything and everyone around you. This approach helps me find the triggers in your life that may be missed when only the individual is looked at. Your life around you can also impact the decisions you make as a person, professional, friend, colleague, employee or any role you take on in your life.

We do not live in a vacuum. The way you see yourself impacts those around you and your system. We all connect with each other in various ways, and these connections bleed into our own lives and personality. You are not completely detached from those around you. The people you talk to in your daily life are constantly affecting you, whether it is positive or negative.

My specialties

I primarily work with those dealing with relationship issues, individually, in couples, and within family sessions. I have embraced the idea of a diverse family in every way. Whether the diversity comes from their background, race, gender, sexuality, or even how they define their relationship with each other.

I help guide partners through marital and pre-marital issues through blocks in their relationships and life struggles. Though couples and family counseling are a significant part of my work, I work with a wide array of clients with different presenting symptoms. I also specialize in Naturopathy. This is an alternative to medicine that promotes self-healing through natural products and techniques to strengthen the body.

​In addition to the already mentioned, I work with those dealing with dual diagnosis and/or substance use issues. Many people deal with multiple mental health diagnoses at once, and they all need to be taken into consideration while creating a treatment plan. Similarly, substance use is often due to previous issues and struggles, as well as the substances creating issues and struggles. I look at everything you are dealing with and create a plan that is unique to you and your needs. No matter who you are, my goal is to gain insight into your life and get educated about the different issues that may act as triggers in your life – then using this information to find new and healthier coping strategies.

Specialties include: depression and anxiety; racial, ethnic, and religious stressors; relationship, identity, and marriage issues; addictions; work-related or academic stressors; finding love; dietary and lifestyle counseling

How therapy helps

I want to help you strive for authenticity. Today, we share a connection across the globe, but people feel less connected than ever. Loneliness and feelings of isolation are increasing, and this can lead to a lot of health issues. You need good and stable relationships that are real, not just a product of social media. You need real connections that can come from genuinely looking inside yourself and finding who you are. I would like to see people be more aware of others, not so self-focused. Helping people reconnect and find real relationships in life is my ultimate goal. Finding a better environment with relationships can help you with the evolution of finding your best solutions. Therapy is not about telling you what to do but about helping facilitate the best solutions.

My credentials

I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), a Naturopathic Doctor (ND), a divorce mediator, a human resource professional (PHR), and a family business consultant. I received a B.S. at Iowa State University, an M.A. at Georgia School of Professional Psychology, an MBA at Columbia Southern University, and an N.D. at Trinity School of Natural Health. I also completed post-graduate work in Marriage and Family Therapy at the University of Georgia. I have also received numerous awards and honors, including being competitively selected to the National Society of Leadership and Success, and being named Who’s Who Among Executive and Professional Women in the Field of Counseling and Development.

My hobbies

In my spare time, I enjoy walking in the park, playing tennis, bouncing on a trampoline, and playing with cats and dogs.


I suppose I could talk about all the good things that Dr. Belhamel has offered, but it would be too much to write. The truth is, she is a phenomenal young woman who serves the community to the best of her ability. She possesses the skills of working well with others. ~Anonymous

Dr. Belhamel is a highly competent professional, and totally dependable. I found [her] to be of the highest ethical standards. She treats clients with respect and positive regard. She was always courteous and professional. It was enjoyable to work with her. ~Anonymous

Thank you, Dr. Sharon, for this past year of guidance, growth, and advice that you have provided. We are in a much better place now than we were before seeing you. Thank you for challenging us to be better and do better. You have been such a blessing to our marriage. We pray that God continues to work through you. ~Anonymous


Doctoral Candidate (PhD Expected 2025)
Clinical Psychology
Georgia State University (GSU)

Master’s Degree (MA, 2021)
Clinical Psychology
Georgia State University (GSU)

Master’s Degree (MSc, 2017)
Psychological Research
University of Edinburgh

Bachelor’s Degree (BA, 2014)
Art, Psychology
University of Southern California

Ciera Lewis, MA Interning Clinician

Honors, Awards & Memberships

  • Georgia State University John Warkentin Psychotherapy Memorial Award
  • Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Fellow
  • Georgia State University Doctoral Fellowship in Trauma Intervention
  • Georgia State University Outstanding Graduate Student Research in Diversity Award Nominee
  • Georgia State University Psychology Departmental Scholar Awardee


  • Trauma and PTSD
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Race-related stress
  • Refugee and immigrant mental health
  • Muslim mental health
  • Life management and communication skills
  • Living a meaningful life with chronic health challenges
  • Self-esteem/self-worth
  • Grief and loss


Clinical & Consulting Interests

  • Individual adolescent and adult therapy
  • Group therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Psychological evaluations and assessments
  • Workshops, Trainings, and Retreats: Diversity, equity & inclusion, refugee mental health, PTSD/trauma, racial microaggressions in the workplace, implicit bias training, racial identity, Muslim mental health

What it’s Like to Work with Me

I believe in creating a collaborative therapeutic relationship with my clients that is founded on respect, compassion, and appreciation for identity and cultural considerations. I believe you are the expert of your experiences, and together we can work to achieve your therapy goals.

I take a flexible treatment approach with my clients depending on their needs and preferences. I utilize evidence-based approaches such as CBT, DBT, interpersonal therapy, ACT, and exposure-based interventions. I also apply a developmental lens to support my clients in understanding how their past experiences and current relationship dynamics may hinder or further their goals.

Ultimately, I hope to support my clients in not only identifying and reducing presenting problems, but also imagining and cultivating a greater intention and sense of purpose. I aim to create a safe, trusting space for clients to experience vulnerability and explore their challenges, goals, and strengths without judgment.

Personal Highlights

I am a Clinical Psychology PhD Candidate, working as an external practicum clinician under the supervision of Kelly Lewis-Arthur, Ph.D. I have experience working with diverse clients experiencing a range of clinical concerns, including trauma challenges, depression, anxiety, and stress from societal marginalization.

My Hobbies

In my spare time, I train in boxing and play the drums. I enjoy reading, painting, and sculpting.

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