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Dubai Testimonials

I recently went on a 2019 Georgia State University Study Abroad Trip to Dubai for spring break with Dr. Kelly; the trip was terrific. Dr. Kelly did a good job immersing us into the culture of Dubai. She was able to expose us to a different culture, one that I would have never seen and fully experienced if I had gone to Dubai on my own. I am indeed pleased with the job Dr. Kelly did in ensuring that we were able to learn about the Culture of Dubai while still having fun. This trip allowed me to gain a different outlook on life. It also reinforced the thought that everything is not what it may seem.

– Chelsea London

Dr. Kelly from Globe Core was awesome! Study abroad to Dubai was an interesting experience! Learned a lot of cultural differences and opened my mind to a different experience.

– Krismin Lee

I recently did a study abroad program to Dubai with Dr. Kelly. This trip was an amazing and eye opening experience for me. I learned so many things about the Dubai culture. I was glad that I was lucky enough to be picked to make this trip for the many activities that Dr. Kelly had planned for us. Most people would go to Dubai and only see the glitz and the glamour, but she was able to show us the real and dark side of Dubai that many like to overlook. This was my first trip ever leaving the country and I’m ready to go back to do more exploring. Thank you Dr. Kelly.

– Tay Red

I have had the opportunity to travel with GlobeCore and Dr. Kelly on two international excursions. The first, in 2015, to Tanzania and Kenya. Most recently we traveled to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. Both times, GlobeCore ensured culturally immersive experiences to excite all of my senses. The sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and activities were contextually relevant, stimulating, and exciting. Dr. Kelly and the GlobeCore team, also in making sure that I enjoyed myself, took preparatory steps to ensure safety which is always at the top of my priority. Even more importantly, for me, the trips were framed from a social justice learning perspective that expanded my perspective and added to the adventure of being a global citizen. If looking to travel for leisure or an educational excursion to learn about the world outside of your own box, I cannot think of a better organization to suggest!

– Dante Studamire

For my spring break I decided to study abroad in Dubai with Dr.Kelly. It was an amazing experience! I met some of the nicest people and was able to really learn about their culture. My favorite parts of the program were going to the school, the safari and visiting the workers. I definitely was not prepared for the culture shock but I’m glad I had the opportunity to experience it. I made new friends, learned about another culture, became more open minded and I encourage others to do the same. Definitely recommend this program to everyone!

– Alexia Bennett

I had the greatest opportunity to travel abroad with a fine group of individuals as we represented our country, school and culture well. It was a pleasure being able to travel with GlobeCore representative Dr. Kelly and a few other students as we experienced a new city of riches and Gold in Dubai. I would highly recommend taking this trip under the direction and leadership of GlobeCores very own, Dr. Kelly. I’m looking forward to the next trip with this trailblazing team!

– Primrose Campbell

I am a faculty member at GSU who traveled with GlobeCore as part of a study abroad experience with students. We spent a week in Dubai over spring break 2018. The entire trip was fantastic. Dr. Lewis-Arthur packed the trip with adventures that we would never have pursued while traveling on our own–cultural immersions, a desert safari, a bus tour with the best tour guide in Dubai (seriously!), a day in an Emirati high school, and more. There was an excellent balance of fun and educational experiences; we learned so much but we were absorbing it all while taking part in an amazing travel experience. GlobeCore has clearly worked hard to cultivate reliable and knowledgeable in-country contacts, and Dr. Lewis-Arthur used those to guide us on an incredible trip. I couldn’t recommend traveling with GlobeCore more highly!

– University Professor, Georgia State University

Tanzania Testimonials

“We went to Tanzania for 2 weeks with Dr. Kelly. Within those 2 weeks we went to Dar es Salam, Zanzibar, and Arusha. We learned about the culture and history and how that has effected current day Tanzania. We went to museums, saw historic monuments. We went to the beach and went on a safari in the mountains. This experience was life changing for me. I loved every moment. There was rarely a dull moment.”
– Ryan Cayo

“We went to Tanzania for 2 weeks with Dr. Kelly. Within those 2 weeks we went to Dar es Salam, Zanzibar, and Arusha. We learned about the culture and history and how that has effected current day Tanzania. We went to museums, saw historic monuments. We went to the beach and went on a safari in the mountains. This experience was life changing for me. I loved every moment. There was rarely a dull moment.”
– Kye Brewer

I have had the pleasure to take part in 2 of the GlobeCoRe trips; the first to Tanzania as a student back in 2011 and second as a host for one of the visits within the Dubai trip this year. My experience traveling to Tanzania is still today one of my best ones traveling abroad. It included everything one enjoys in a trip overseas. Culture, history, beauty, art, food, good people, nature & beaches! Over the years I have traveled to many places and met many people whom have also visited Tanzania, but none of their experiences compared to my trip with Dr. Lewis and GlobeCore. It’s still difficult to put my experiences into words. The best word to sum it up is AMAZING! After my experience in Tanzania, my desire to learn and see more cultures were triggered and after graduation I continued to do so. I had a desire to be engulfed in a foreign country so I can explore the culture first hand. This is how I was given the opportunity to host Dr. Lewis and a group of university students to my school in Dubai, where I provide college and career counseling. My local Emirati students had the opportunity to engage in conversation with the university students about cultural differences, university life, myths about each culture and much more! This was an amazing experience for both parties and I was honored to be given the opportunity to facilitate the program. I owe much of my appreciation for cultural differences to my first overseas trip to Tanzania and I would recommend it to anyone.

– Patricia Villard

I participated in a 2019 study abroad with Dr. Kelly. It was a wonderful experience with nearly every detail planned to the t. I learned a great deal about the history of Tanzania and the reasons why some of it’s residents are bleaching their skin. I would definitely recommend her services.

– D Marshall

I had the opportunity to take part in one of GlobeCore Inc.’s cultural immersion experiences through a university study abroad trip to Tanzania to study the psychology of skin-bleaching and the East African slave trade. It was my first time out of the country and I found comfort in how well-executed and planned every step of the trip was. Dr. Kelly Lewis was the organizer of the trip and it was evident that she had everything taken care of. Because of this, I was able to really take in how breathtakingly beautiful and rich East Africa is. I learned so much about myself and about working with other cultures. I know it sounds dramatic to say, but I genuinely returned to the US with an improved mindset and brighter outlook and many of the friends I made on the trip feel the same way. Traveling is such a great way to challenge what you thought you knew about yourself, your home country, and the rest of the world. Couldn’t have hoped for a better first experience. Thank you!

– Brytani Smith

Working with Dr. Kelly and her GlobeCoRe team on a study abroad trip significantly reduces the amount of work and stress a program director typically experiences. Planning a study abroad is a huge amount of work, but when you work with Dr. Kelly’s team, she takes care of all the in-country arrangements and anything else you need. The only thing you need to work on are things from the university’s end (e.g., promoting your trip and accepting students) and her team can do that if your institution allows it. Only having to manage the university’s side of things is at least a 50% reduction in the amount of work planning a study abroad requires. Another large benefit to working with Kelly is that during the trip you aren’t in a country on your own managing a group of students by yourself. There is someone else who can help address the inevitable wrinkles that arise in country. It is great comfort to know that there is someone with you to help decide on a plan of action and execute it. Dr. Kelly and her team are problem-solvers and can help you manage any problem, small or large. Having anyone be a partner would give you these benefits, but on top of these benefits, Dr. Kelly is fun, friendly, and inclusive. I have fond memories of things we did together on our trips. Working with Dr. Kelly and team greatly improves the program director’s workload, and also makes the trip more fun and enjoyable.

– University Professor, Georgia State University

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