We offer consultation and supervision services to individuals seeking professional development that is culturally sensitive and focused on helping you achieve your career goals. Through a collaborative process, we guide you to a deeper sense of awareness about your business and career ambitions while helping to develop your skills, abilities, and boosting overall performance.


We offer business and clinical consultation to mental health providers seeking support with developing and growing their practices, delivering effective clinical services to clients and maintaining their own self-care.

Through ongoing participation in clinical and business consultation along a variety of key content areas, we encourage ongoing learning, support and guidance as a common standard of practice in the mental health field.
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Some of the benefits our professional consultation groups offer:
  • Getting business tips and advice from practice owners and thriving therapists in your area
  • Improving or refining your clinical skills
  • Developing new therapeutic techniques and perspectives
  • Getting and giving suggestions on how to handle difficult therapeutic cases
  • Receiving feedback on ethical issues
  • Getting support around equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Receiving emotional support from colleagues
  • Enhancing your referral network by building relationships with other professionals
  • Keeping up to date with local mental health resources
  • Prioritizing your self-care among other practicing mental health providers

In our consultation groups, we encourage peer-to-peer interaction in a less formal setting, however, one-on-one consultation arrangements are also available. You are not required to follow the advice you receive, and you retain the legal responsibility for any suggestions you employ in your practice.

The professional code of conduct and ethical guidelines established by the American Psychological Association ensures that no information is disclosed in a peer consultation group, which may lead to the identification of a person in therapy.


We provide clinical supervision to graduate students in mental health counseling, marriage and family therapy, and social work in clinical psychology who are seeking education, training, and experience in the field.

Supervision plays a prominent role in the development of one’s professional identity and future in the workforce.

Some of the benefits our clinical supervision services offer:
  • Provide an understanding of professional treatment standards and practices
  • Getting assistance for professional development
  • Receiving constructive feedback
  • Getting an individual assessment of progress
  • Receiving emotional support
  • Acquire knowledge on how to ensure your services are safe and ethical
  • Improving or refining your clinical skills
  • Enhancing your referral network by building relationships with other professionals
  • Getting support around equity, diversity, and inclusion
  • Gaining confidence in clinical skills
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