Covid-19: Telehealth Offerings

At GlobeCoRe, it is our commitment and goal to ensure the safety of our clients, professionals, and community. With a focus to protect the health of our staff and clients, and also to uphold our role as a socially responsible practice in hopes of reducing the spread of the virus, GlobeCoRe is currently only offering virtual telehealth offerings.

Telehealth (also known as telemental health, telespychology, telemedicine) is the distribution of mental health services through confidential HIPPA protected telecommunication technologies. This technology makes it possible to connect with a health professional via computer, phone, tablet and other device. Virtual visits allow you to be in the comfort of your home, while still receiving attentive therapy, psychological evaluation, medication managementconsultation and supervision from your healthcare provider. While these services are offered online only currently due to COVID-19 precautions, the option to return to hybrid (online and in-person) appointments will be amiable in the near future. In the meantime, this method allows for an authentic exchange, most similar to in-person services. 

We also offer telehealth webinar workshops, available both Live Online or On-Demand, and tailored to personal development and corporate development

Our clinicians & consultants use a HIPAA-complaint Video Conferencing System, ensuring that you can safely see them and they can safely see you, all while protecting your privacy and information. 

Please contact your insurance company or the GlobeCoRe office to see if you’re eligible for telehealth visits.

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Stay safe & we look forward to seeing you soon!

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