Individual Therapy

Individual therapy focuses on a variety of issues, including trauma and abuse, PTSD, depression, codependency, grief and loss, anxiety, women’s issues, self-esteem and identity issues, and relationship issues.

Some social issues, such as struggles with being LGBTQIA+, racial and ethnic matters, work-related and academic stressors, and religious and spiritual concerns, can be addressed through individual therapy.

Parents and partners struggling with infertility, parenthood, abortion, and miscarriages can receive relief and be helped to cope with these problems.

Individual therapy can benefit those living with chronic illness, including cancer survivors, bariatric surgical patients, individuals with HIV/AIDS, developmental and intellectual disabilities, and seniors/geriatrics adjusting to aging.

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy is available for people in relationships, including those currently dating, engaged, pre-marital, married, remarried, or divorced.

The primary goal is to help couples build a strong relationship by exploring various areas of core relationship. Such core issues may include conflict management, communication skills, financial responsibility, child and parenting responsibilities, physical, sexual or emotional roles, and extended and blended family roles.

Treatment is available for couples with other relationship challenges, including extra-marital affairs, affairs, marriage disputes, divorce, betrayal, communication problems, work-life balance, lack of time, grief/loss, intimacy struggles, spiritual and religious struggles, racial and ethnic matters, infertility, delayed parenthood, abortion, and miscarriages.
Pre-marital and post-marital counseling is offered.

Our counseling meets the requirements outlined by Georgia for Qualifying Pre-marital Education, thus allowing couples to receive their marriage license at no charge.

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Family Therapy

Treatment for various forms of family conflict is available.

We specialize in treating family conflict including: communication difficulties, lack of time, grief/loss, LGBTQIA+ family issues, financial discord, troubled children, tweens, teens, family planning, family transition (birth of child, child leaving home, inability to have a child, separation, divorce), spiritual and religious struggles, parental issues, and race and cultural challenges.

Support is available for families coping with chronic illness, including cancer survivors, bariatric surgical patients, families dealing with HIV/AIDS, families dealing with developmental and intellectual disabilities, and seniors/geriatrics adjusting to aging.

Group Therapy

A selection of group therapy offerings is available.
These sessions pertain to a variety of topics, including grief, loss and depression, anxiety, self-esteem/identity issues, work-life balance, women’s empowerment, body positivity, DBT, deserving love, preoperative and post-operative bariatric support, codependency, and relationship challenges.

Our current group offerings include the following. Please ask a GlobeCoRe representative for more information about how to join one of our awesome groups!

Racial Healing and Hope

This virtual therapy group is ideal for adults (18+) from communities of color who are seeking skills, social connection, and community while navigating racial discrimination in an intimate group environment built on trust and openness.

Feeling depleted and exhausted from the weight of navigating racism and inequities?  Join our empowering racial healing and hope group to learn in a community space how to build resilience and support each other around experiences of racism and racial discrimination.  

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The Roaring 20s

A support/psychotherapy group for 20 soamethings dealing with the adjustment to young adulthood.

  • Topics will include
  • Emerging from the family of origin
  • Adjusting to the world of work
  • Dating, relationships, and sexual identity issues
  • Coping with supervisors, peers and co-workers
  • Time, money and resource management
  • Assertiveness and effective communication skills
  • Impostor syndrome, managing your unreasonable expectations of yourself
  • Self-confidence and self-esteem issues

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Self Esteem Building for Women

This group therapy will focus on enhancing self-esteem, learn to give self love and not only accept but celebrate yourself and everything about you.

Feeling stuck and bad about yourself?  Do you tend to blame yourself for things in others you give grace?  This group will focus on enhancing self esteem in women, learn to give self love not only accept, but celebrate yourself for being you.

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