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Work-Related or Academic Stressors

Career challenges

Building your future career can be a long and persevering process, consisting of long hours and sleepless nights.

Though the end result may seem worth the trouble, it can also take a toll on you.

Work and/or school can create stressors that include high mental workload; time pressures to reach deadlines; difficult work; demanding expectations; poor social support from peers, leadership, and family; and monotonous work that begins to feel obligatory.

The thrill is gone

Eventually, you may no longer derive pleasure or have the drive to keep going.

Finding the right path

Our therapists can help guide you to a healthier path. This is a path filled with determination and an energetic striving to do the best you can with boundaries, while realizing expectations within a framework of work-life balance.

We also can help you re-evaluate your purpose and align yourself in work that is purposeful, while helping you to gain a good balance between rest, relaxation, and re-entry.

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